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Practical Embroidery online school is dedicated to hand embroidery and its practical application

Practical Embroidery online school exists to teach hand embroidery techniques and application. Embroidery skills empower us to take care of our clothes, homes, and emotional health with simple stitches.

This web page offers a range of online courses, workshops, downloadable patterns, video tutorials, and embroidery kits.

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Mend your favorite jeans with simple running stitches

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What people are saying about Practical Embroidery

Thank you for doing this video. I could not figure out how to do this stitch. I watched a bunch of videos and looked at my books and nothing clicked, until I watched your video and followed your instructions. You are a great teacher!
This was PERFECT, as I'm just starting the Sashiko project, and just finished the embroidery project with DSM threads. I won't make the mistake to use the wrong threads now!!
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Hands down the best video that clearly show and explain this stitch. Thank you!
What a sweet simple design for beginners like me! The music you chose is so soothing and beautiful! I love Christmas and needed a little boost to get me into the decorating spirit!! You are very creative! New subscriber! Let’s support each other
YouTube subscriber

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