Hand Embroidery Video Lessons

Video lessons of hand embroidery stitches and techniques

Are you a visual learner and prefer to learn by watching video tutorials of hand embroidery?

Then, you are in the right place!

This is a gallery of embroidery video tutorials and guides on hand embroidery stitches, techniques, and projects. Click on the image of the hand embroidery stitch or style you want to learn, and you will watch a video lesson on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel.

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White t-shirts with hand embroidered butterflies. Black embroidery floss, outlines only


Antwerp edging front view
Antwerp Edging
Alternating Twisted Chain stitch front view
Alternating Twisted Chain stitch
Algerian eyelet hand embroidery stitch
Algerian Eyelet Stitch


Backstitch embroidery video tutorial
Blanket stitch video tutorial
Blanket stitch filling video tutorial
Blanket stitch filling in circles video tutorial
Sewing with Blanket stitch
Brick stitch video tutorial
Bullion knot stitch video tutorial
Burden stitch video tutorial
Buttonhole stitch video tutorial
Buttonhole wheel stitch
Buttonhole bar video tutorial
Barb stitch video tutorial
Berwick stitch video tutorial
Buttonhole shading embroidery stitch
Backstitched chain stitch video tutorial
Basket Stitch video tutorial card
Bullion knot embroidery with blue threads
Butterfly Chain Stitch video card
Bulls Head Stitch video card


Crossed Fly Stitch filling small image
Crossed Fly Stitch Filling
Closed Cretan stitch green small
Closed Cretan Stitch
Closed fly stitch small image
Closed Fly Stitch
Connected Fly stitch embroidery small
Connected Fly Stitch
Crown Stitch embroidery Small
Crown Stitch
Chain stitch embroidery video tutorial
Chain stitch filling video tutorial
Chevron stitch video tutorial
Chevron stitch filling video tutorial
Couching stitch video tutorial
Couching stitch filling video tutorial
Closed blanket stitch
Crossed Blanket Stitch video tutorial card
Crossed fly stitch video tutorial
Cross stitch filling video tutorial
Colonial knots
Chain stitch mastery video tutorial
Closed Herringbone Stitch embroidery with blue threads and text of a video card
Couching Stitch video tutorial
Coral Stitch video card


Darning stitch video tutorial
Double blanket stitch video tutorial
Double chevron stitch video tutorial
Double chevron stitch filling video tutorial
Double feather stitch video tutorial
Double threaded backstitch video tutorial
Double threaded running stitch video tutorial
Duplicate stitch
Double Lazy Daisy stitch video tutorial


Eskimo lace ending video tutorial


Fern stitch video tutorial card
Fly Stitch video card
Fairy lights stitch video tutorial
Feather stitch video tutorial
Fly stitch video tutorial
French knots embroidery video tutorial
Fishbone stitch embroidery video tutorial on YouTube


German knotted blanket stitch video tutorial card


Half chevron stitch filling video tutorial
Herringbone stitch video tutorial
Herringbone ladder stitch video tutorial
Honeycomb filling stitch
Holbein stitch embroidery video tutorial
Hungarian braided chain stitch video tutorial

J – K

Japanese darning stitch video tutorial
Kogin stitch


Lattice stitch video tutorial
Lazy daisy stitch (detached chain stitch) video tutorial
Long and short stitch video lesson
Looped running stitch video tutorial
Leaf embroidery stitch: Step-by-step botanical embroidery video tutorial


Maidenhair stitch video tutorial
Meandering stitch video tutorial
Mirrored Blanket stitch video lesson


Open backstitch video tutorial
Otomi stitch video tutorial
Outline stitch video tutorial
Overlock stitch hand embroidery
Outline stitch hand embroidery video tutorial


Padded satin stitch video tutorial
Pistil Stitch video card
Pekinese stitch video tutorial
Palestrina stitch video tutorial card


Running stitch video tutorial
Reverse chain stitch
Rosette of thorns stitch video tutorial
Rice stitch Small
Rice Stitch


Satin stitch video tutorial
Seed stitch1x1
Seed Stitch
Single feather stitch video tutorial
Split backstitch video tutorial
Split Stitch small image
Split Stitch
Split stitch filling video tutorial
Stem stitch hand embroidery video tutorial
Stem stitch filling video tutorial
Stepped running stitch video tutorial
Scotch darning stitch
How to embroider Scallop stitch edging
Sun wheel stitch
Straight stitch embroidery video tutorial
Star stitch video card
Surface Satin Stitch video card


Threaded backstitch video tutorial
Threaded running stitch video tutorial
Trellis stitch video tutorial
Tulip stitch video tutorial
Twisted Chain Stitch video tutorial
Turkey work video tutorial
Twisted Fly Stitch small image
Twisted Fly Stitch


Weave stitch video tutorial
Wheatear stitch video tutorial
Whipped backstitch video tutorial
Whipped running stitch video tutorial
Woven star stitch video tutorial
Whipped Blanket Stitch video tutorial
Whipped chain stitch video tutorial
Whipped spider wheel video card
Woven spider wheel stitch video tutorial
Woven Star Stitch video card
Woven wheel flower video card


Zig Zag Chain stitch video tutorial

Video lessons of Embroidery Techniques

Six Methods of finishing the back of the hoop
Framing embroidery in mini hoop video tutorial
Long and Short stitch for round shapes video card
How to finish embroidery hoop with running stitches and leave the back of the stitches visible
Backing embroidery hoop with felt fabric
Embroidery Hoop Finishing with Running Stitches and backing
The adhesive method for finishing the embroidery hoop with glue. Step-by-step guide
Backing Your Embroidery Hoop with a Cardboard Cover
Frame the embroidery without an outer hoop
How to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric - Four ways
How to start and end embroidery stitches
Blanket stitch variations video lesson
How to remove tracing marks from the fabric - video tutorial
How to separate one strand of floss - video tutorial
How to transfer a pattern with lightbox method - video tutorial
How to transfer embroidery pattern with tissue paper - video tutorial
How to wind embroidery floss on a bobbin - video tutorial
Split stitch vs Split backstitch. The difference. Video
Colonial knots VS French knots
Buttonhole VS Blanket stitch - the difference
Six Hand Embroidery Stitches for Lettering video lesson
Six Hand Embroidery Stitches for Filling video lesson
Four ways to finish the embroidery hoop video lesson

DIY Projects

DIY embroidered napkins with an olive branch Video tutorial
Six Bullion stitch flowers video tutorial
Hand embroidered cards with flower tutorial
Floral Spring Felt Ornaments Video tutorial and pattern
Candy heart embroidery video tutorial
Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark video tutorial
There's No Planet B - DIY Hand Embroidered Shopper Bag
No rain, no flowers - Wild flowers hand embroidery tutorial
Butterfly Embroidery On a T-shirt
Embroidered zipper pouch DIY project and video tutorial
Jellyfish. Modern Hand Embroidery With Beads tutorial
Hand Embroidered Mother's Day Card. Embroidery on paper DIY Tutorial
April Showers Bring May Flowers - Hand Embroidered Banner DIY tutorial
Scented sachets with a floral embroidery DIY tutorial
Hand Embroidered Origami Horoscope Signs DIY video
Watercolor Hand Embroidery Project
Embroidered Mandala Tote bag - hand embroidery and sewing video tutorial
Hand Embroidered Clover Brooch - step-by-step video tutorial
Hand embroidered Monogrammed Fabric Napkins - embroidery video tutorial
Felt ornament sewing with blanket stitch video tutorial, DIY project
Love Tic Tac Toe card - embroidery on paper - video tutorial
Hand embroidered Easter napkin rings DIY tutorial
Hand Embroidered Placemats With Easter Bunny
Embroidered Keyring Come Home - Valentines day DIY gift tutorial
DIY Christmas ornaments 2023 - video tutorial
Knitting Is Cheaper Than Therapy hand embroidered letters
Four Ways To Embroider a Daisy flower