Stitch library A-Z

Stitch library. The list of hand embroidery stitches and techniques is grouped by alphabet names. Click on the title, and you will find more information about the stitch or technique and a short video tutorial.


  • Backstitch
  • Backstitch (Double threaded)
  • Backstitch (Open)
  • Backstitch (Split)
  • Backstitch (Threaded)
  • Backstitch (Whipped)
  • Blanket stitch
  • Blanket stitch (Double)
  • Blanket stitch filling
  • Blanket stitch filling in the circles
  • Blanket stitch sewing
  • Brick stitch
  • Bullion knot stitch
  • Burden stitch


  • Chain stitch (regular and reverse)
  • Chain stitch filling
  • Chain stitch (Detached)
  • Chevron stitch
  • Chevron stitch (Double)
  • Chevron stitch filling
  • Chevron stitch filling (Double)
  • Chevron stitch filling (Half)
  • Couching stitch
  • Couching stitch filling
  • Cross stitch filling
  • Crossed Fly stitch filling


  • Detached Chain stitch (Lazy Daisy stitch)
  • Double Blanket stitch
  • Double Chevron stitch
  • Double Chevron stitch filling
  • Double Feather stitch
  • Double threaded backstitch
  • Double threaded running stitch


  • Eskimo lace ending stitch
  • Fairy lights stitch (parallel running stitch)
  • Feather stitch
  • Feather stitch (Double)
  • Feather stitch (Single)
  • Fly stitch
  • Fly stitch filling (Crossed)
  • French knots


  • Half Chevron stitch filling
  • Herringbone stitch
  • Herringbone ladder stitch
  • Honeycomb filling


  • Japanese darning stitch


  • Lattice stitch
  • Lazy Daisy stitch (Detached Chain stitch)
  • Long and short stitch
  • Looped Running stitch


  • Maidenhair stitch
  • Meandering stitch (parallel running stitch)


  • Open Backstitch
  • Otomi stitch
  • Outline stitch


  • Padded Satin stitch
  • Pistil stitch
  • Pekinese stitch
  • Reverse Chain stitch
  • Rice stitch (Seed stitch)
  • Rosette of thorns stitch
  • Running stitch
  • Running stitch (Looped)
  • Running stitch (Threaded)
  • Running stitch (Whipped)



  • Threaded Backstitch
  • Threaded Running stitch
  • Trellis stitch
  • Tulip stitch


  • Weave stitch (Weaving stitch)
  • Wheatear stitch
  • Whipped Backstitch
  • Whipped Running stitch
  • Woven star stitch

Embroidery techniques and tips:

  • Starting and finishing to stitch in hand embroidery
  • Framing the embroidery in a hoop
  • Outline stitch vs. Stem stitch
  • How to transfer a pattern with the lightbox method
  • How to wind embroidery floss on a bobbin
  • How to separate one strand of floss
  • How to transfer embroidery pattern with tissue paper
  • How to remove tracing marks from fabric
  • Split stitch vs. split backstitch. What is the difference?

NB. Some of the links will take you to the EasyToMake designs blog. This is my older hand embroidery blog. While I’m dedicating all of my energy to the Practical Embroidery blog, the previous version still has a lot of great content!

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