Darning stitch hand embroidery tutorial

Darning stitch

Darning stitch is one of the variations of the Running stitch used for filling. This stitch is created by alternating parallel rows of the running stitch to create a pattern with both negative and positive elements. 

Other names of the Darning stitch

This stitch is also called Darned embroidery or a Tacking stitch. If the decorative design is created by alternating the positive and negative space of the stitches, it can be called Kogin stitch.

Applications of the Darning stitch:

  • Darning stitch is normally a form of counted embroidery worked on the even-weave ground.
  • As the stitch’s name suggests, you can use it for darning. The fabric filled with the darning stitch will be reinforced and last longer. 
  • Use this stitch for other mending projects, like adding a patch or covering a stain.
  • You can also use the darning stitch for decorative purposes – use the darning stitch as a filling stitch to add depth and texture to your embroidery project.
  • Use a variation of the Darning stitch – Kogin to create decorative pieces.
Darning stitch and Kogin stitch

More stitches from the Running stitch family family

Video tutorial

Watch this video tutorial below and learn how to embroider a Darning stitch.

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