Duplicate stitch

Duplicate Stitch

Duplicate stitch is your go-to stitch if you want to embroider on the knitwear – add some colorful details and decorative elements, cover the stain or mend a hole. As the name suggests, it duplicates the plain knit stitches (stockinette stitch). You can choose to use A-shaped stitches or V-shaped stitches. It is only a choice of design.

By the way – you do not need to know how to knit to be able to embroider this simple stitch!

Other Names Of The Duplicate Stitch

This stitch is also called Swiss Darning, as it is widely used to mend holes in knitwear. With this technique, you can recreate missing stitches (the hole) or cover the existing ones.

Duplicate stitch front side - yellow thread embroidery on grey knitwear
Duplicate stitch back side

Applications Of The Duplicate Stitch:

  • Knitters often use these stitches to replace knitting techniques like intarsia or Fair Isle. 
  • A duplicate stitch is excellent for adding decorative details to plain knitwear. With it, you can personalize a boring sweater with letters, flowers, or any other counted embroidery motive.
  • Duplicate stitch is essential in mending knitwear. You can cover the stains or repair the holes with stitches and make your mend invisible. Also, you can go bold and make the mending stand out.

Embroidery Tips:

  • To embroider a Duplicate stitch – choose the yarn that is as thick as the yarn of the knitwear you will embroider on or the thicker one. Otherwise, your duplicate stitches can get lost under the main knitted stitches.
  • Use a blunt darning needle, so you do not snag the knitwear while embroidering.

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Video tutorial

If you are a visual learner, watch a video tutorial below or on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel. In this video, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will have you creating the Duplicate stitch like a pro in no time.

What’s next?

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White sashiko stitches on purple fabric