Lazy Daisy stitch

Lazy daisy stitch

Lazy daisy embroidery stitch is a very popular decorative stitch. It is elementary and versatile; therefore, it is widely used in modern hand embroidery. It definitely belongs on the list of the best embroidery stitches.

Use this stitch to depict flowers, petals, raindrops, leaves, or anything with a teardrop shape. Also, use it for filling or outlines, or combine it with other stitches to create beautiful borders.

Also, this simple stitch has many variations.

Other names of the stitch

This simple stitch is also called detached chain stitch, detached lazy daisy stitch, daisy stitch, loop stitch, picot stitch, tail chain stitch, and tied loop stitch.

Applications of Lazy daisy stitch in hand embroidery

In modern hand embroidery, this stitch has many applications:

  • If grouped in a round shape, it forms flowers, petals, or snowflakes.
  • Placed in a line, it can be used as an outline stitch.
  • Detached chain stitches made in random directions are great as a filling stitch.
  • Lazy daisy stitch often is used as a part of combined decorative borders and composite stitches.

Variations of the Chain stitch:

  • Chain stitch couching
  • Lazy daisy in two colors
  • Long-tailed daisy stitch
  • Russian chain stitch

Video tutorial

Watch a video tutorial below and learn how to embroider this simple stitch.

What’s next?

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