Buttonhole wheel stitch

Buttonhole wheel

The Buttonhole wheel is a variation of the Blanket stitch, where the wheel shape is formed by placing blanket stitches in a circle. The Buttonhole wheel is also a base for Blanket stitch filling in circles

Applications of the stitch

The Buttonhole wheel is a very decorative motif you can add to your embroidery designs. It can become a flower or any circular part of the design. 

Besides that, you can use this stitch for mending projects. E.g., Instead of hiding a small hole, you can emphasize it and work a Buttonhole stitch around it, creating a structured and colorful outline for the hole.

Buttonhole wheel front and back view
Buttonhole wheel front and back view

Embroidery tips

  • The Buttonhole wheel stitch will form a small hole in the center of the stitch, where all the legs of the Balnket stitch meet. The less dense the fabric – the bigger will be the hole. Keep it in mind when choosing this stitch.
  • You can change the density of the stitches. The wheel can be formed by several stitches or by tens of stitches. It will create a different visual effect.
  • The hole of the wheel can be centered or off-center for a more interesting look.

Video tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to embroider the Buttonhole wheel stitch.

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Learn with Practical Embroidery online school!

Free online embroidery course - The top 10 hand embroidery stitches to learn