Woven spider wheel stitch cover

Woven spider wheel stitch

Woven wheel, aka. Spider wheel stitch is a composite decorative hand embroidery stitch from the Weaving stitch family. To create a woven flower with this stitch, start with 5 (or another odd number) spokes positioned in a circle. Then, you will weave a thread around these spokes.

This stitch will form a simple spoked wheel on the back of the fabric. All the weaving stitches will stay on the front side.

This stitch creates a nice raised voluminous circle and is famous for making flowers. 

Woven spider wheel stitch flowers pink pearl cotton and variegated floss, front side
Woven spider wheel stitch flowers pink pearl cotton and variegated floss, back side

The volume of the flower will depend on the embroidery thread you choose and the tension of the weaving stitches. In my sampler, one flower is embroidered with a single thread of Pearl cotton and another one – with six strands of variegated embroidery floss.

The size of the flower is determined by the length of the spikes. The longer the spikes, the bigger the circle they will form. Remember that big flowers made with this stitch are not very stable. Long weaving stitches are at risk of snagging, and it can be hard to maintain the tension of the stitches. 

Pink flowers hand embroidered with woven wheel stitch on white fabric

Other names of the stitch

This hand embroidery stitch has many names – Wheel stitch, Spider’s web, Spider web weaving, Whipped circle, Rose wheel, Woven spot, Woven spoke, Berry stitch, and Sorento wheel.

Applications of the Woven spider wheel stitch

This hand embroidery stitch is indispensable in botanical and floral embroideries. You can depict roses, peonies, and other voluminous flowers with a Woven wheel stitch. 

Woven spider wheel stitch will look great combined with other hand embroidery stitches. Add some French knots to form the center of the flower and some Lazy daisy stitches or Fishbone stitches to create the leaves around the flower. 

Besides the wide use in modern surface embroidery, Woven circles form the centers of eyelets in whitework embroidery and Hedebo work.

Embroidered pendant framed in a mini hoop with floral bouquet

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Learn how to embroider Woven spider wheel stitch

Follow the step-by-step tutorial with detailed photos below, and you will learn the Woven wheel stitch in no time. If you are a visual learner, watch a video lesson in the tutorial or on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel to learn this hand embroidery stitch faster.

Woven spider wheel flower embroidered with pink variegated floss

How to embroider Woven spider wheel stitch

Yield: 1 sampler
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

Step-by-step tutorial


  • Piece of fabric. Opt for linen or cotton blends
  • Embroidery floss or pearl cotton thread


  • Hoop
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors or snips


  1. Mark a round shape with a center. Take the needle up at the center and stitch towards the circle's outline. Pull all the thread to the backside.
  2. Take the needle up in the center and make one more straight stitch towards the outline. Repeat these Straight stitches to form a spoked wheel. Embroider the odd number of spokes (5-7). Distribute them evenly. Woven spider wheel stitch step 1
  3. Take the needle up at the center and start weaving. Pass the needle under the second spoke. Pull all the thread. Woven spider wheel stitch step 2
  4. Pass the needle under the fourth spoke. Pull all the thread. Woven spider wheel stitch step 3
  5. Pass the needle under the first spoke. Pull all the thread. Woven spider wheel stitch step 4
  6. Repeat these weaving stitches until all the spokes are covered with the thread. You can change the needle to the blunt needle. If you do not have a blunt cross-stitch needle, you can use the back of the needle to avoid snagging the thread or the fabric. Woven spider wheel stitch step 5 change needle
  7. Pass the needle to the back of the fabric and secure it. Woven spider wheel stitch step 6 - secure the thread

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