Whipped back stitch hand embroidery tutorial

Whipped back stitch

A whipped back stitch is a variation of a Back stitch and is made in two steps. First, we embroider a simple backstitch and then whip it with another thread. You can use the same color thread to make a straight raised line or two contrasting colors to create a rope-like line.

Applications of Whipped back stitch:

  • This beautiful stitch is excellent for lettering.
  • Outlining made with a Whipped back stitch will create a smooth line.
  • Borders embroidered with double colored Whipped back stitch will be simple yet very decorative.

More stitches from the Back stitch family:

Video tutorial

Watch a video tutorial below and learn how to embroider a Whipped back stitch.


Some additional tips:

  • Try to make all the backstitches the same length so the final rope will be twisted equally.
  • Use a blunt needle, like a tapestry needle (or the back of the needle), for whipping. Be careful not to snag the backstitch or the fabric under and not to hurt your fingers if you use the eye of a regular embroidery needle.
  • The smaller the backstitch is, the denser will be the twist of the final stitch.
  • If you want to use 2 colors for this stitch, keep in mind that you will need more floss of the color you will use for the backstitch. If you have a small amount of the floss left – use it for whipping.

Whipped back stitch

What’s next?

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