Double threaded back stitch

Double Threaded Back Stitch

A Double-threaded backstitch is a hand embroidery stitch that combines the foundation stitch (back stitch) and threading.

After you embroider the backstitch, lace the second thread through the stitches without entering the fabric or crossing the backstitch. We make this lacing two times to form a chain-like pattern

Double threaded backstitch embroidered with yellow and red embroidery floss

Applications Of Double Threaded Back Stitch

This simple embroidery stitch is excellent for decorative borders and more elaborated outlines. Besides that, you can use it for lettering.

Embroidery tips

  • You can embroider the threaded back stitch in a single color. Also, you can choose two contrasting colors to create exciting patterns. So play with colors and see what beautiful color combinations you can design with this simple stitch!
  • Use a blunt needle (tapestry needle) or the back of the needle for threading. Be careful not to snag the running stitches or the fabric under and not to hurt your fingers if you use the eye of a regular embroidery needle.
  • You can make lacing by leaving the loops open to achieve a different effect.

More Variations Of The Back Stitch:

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Video tutorial

If you are a visual learner, watch a video tutorial below or on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel. In this video, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will have you creating the Double threaded backstitch like a pro in no time.

What’s next?

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Need More Guidance?

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White sashiko stitches on purple fabric