Seed stitch hand embroidery tutorial

Seed stitch

Seed stitch is the basic filler stitch. I included it in the list of the best embroidery stitches as it is simple, easy to learn, and fast to cover big spaces. 

The seed stitch is a simple series of straight stitches that are even size and spaced apart but go in random directions. It can also be worked in a uniform pattern when you align the stitches in the same direction. 

Depending on how dense your stitches will be, you can get a very light filling or very heavy and textural. Also, you can play with colors – mix colors and make a confetti filling or use the same color as a fabric and get a simple but textural look.

Besides that, you will need this stitch to fill the padded satin stitches.

Other names of the stitch

Simple seed stitch has many names. You can find it by the name of rice stitch, isolated back stitch, seeding stitch, seed filling stitch, speckling stitch, dot stitch, rice grain stitch.

Applications of seed stitch in hand embroidery

Seed stitch is a simple filling stitch. Use it for filling areas and adding some texture to the embroidery designs.

Variations of the seed stitch:

  • Double seed stitch
  • Parallel seed stitch

Video tutorial

Watch a video tutorial below and learn how to embroider this simple filler stitch.

What’s next?

In case you need more guidance, sign up for my hand embroidery online course – “The top 10 hand embroidery stitches to learn“. This course is free and teaches all the stitches from the list of the best embroidery stitches. Besides that, a free pdf embroidery pattern download is included in the course.

Looking for some other stitch? Head to the Stitches and Techniques part of this blog and choose the stitch you want to learn.

N.B. Some of the links may take you to the EasyToMake designs blog. This is my older hand embroidery blog. While I’m dedicating all of my energy to the Practical Embroidery blog, the previous version still has a lot of great content!

Related projects

Would you like to learn this stitch while practicing? Then, check out the projects below and create something beautiful today!

Pink flower hand embroidery with seed stitch

Embroidery pdf pattern of Pink modern flower

Great embroidery pdf pattern of simple minimalist flower embroidery to decorate your home or clothes.

A combination of bright pink colors of the design will make it stand out on dark and light-colored fabrics.

Simple design and basic embroidery stitches involved make this flower embroidery design approachable even for hand embroidery beginners. Besides, this pattern comes with fully guided instructions.

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