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Running Stitch

The Running Stitch is the basic stitch of hand embroidery, on which all other forms of sewing are based. The stitch is worked by passing the needle in and out of the fabric. The needle is continuously pushed through the cloth, starting on one side and ending on the other side. This stitch can be embroidered by using both sewing and stabbing methods.

Other Names Of The Running Stitch

This basic stitch is also called a Straight stitch, Basting stitch (in sewing), a Long stitch, or a Run stitch.

Running stitch
Running stitch
How to repair jeans tutorial step 3 - embroider
Mending denim with Running stitch

Applications Of Running Stitch

  • In sewing, this essential stitch is used for basting, hems, and gathering.
  • In quilting – to hold the fabric layers and batting.
  • In patchwork – to assemble pieces together.
  • Darning and mending. Running stitch is widely used in traditional Sashiko, Boro, and Kantha embroidery styles. It is perfect for mending clothes or attaching multiple layers of fabric to each other.
  • Surface embroidery. The Running stitch works excellent for outlining, lettering, and even filling. Also, this stitch is a base for some composite whipped, threaded, and parallel stitches.

More stitches from the running Stitch family

You will find a list of all variations in the article “Running stitch and its variations“.

Running stitch 1x1

How to embroider Running Stitch

Step-by-step hand embroidery tutorial

Video tutorial

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