Christmas hand embroidery designs to stitch in 2023

15 Enchanting Christmas hand embroidery designs to stitch in 2023

As the festive spirit of Christmas begins to fill the air, embroiderers worldwide are seeking unique and heartwarming ways to express their holiday cheer. Hand embroidery, with its timeless elegance and endless creative possibilities, is an ideal medium for capturing the season’s essence. Besides that, slowly stitching Christmas designs may bring moments of peace and relaxation during the busy season.

I made a list of Christmas hand embroidery designs I would like to stitch during this last month of 2023. I may not have enough time to stitch all these cute patterns, but this list may inspire you to create a gift or a decoration for this festive season.

Whether you’re a seasoned embroiderer or a curious beginner, these patterns offer a delightful range of festive motifs, from simple Christmas tree motives to elaborated wreaths, from cozy sweaters to gingerbread cabins. Besides that, you will find redwork, cross-stitch embroidery patterns, and even the pattern for the ornaments included in this list. 

So, gather your embroidery essentials (fabric, needle, threads, scissors, hoop), light the candle, grab the cup of hot drink, and embark on a delightful adventure into the world of Christmas hand embroidery.

My favorite Christmas hand embroidery designs on Etsy

Disclaimer. To cover the cost of creating free embroidery patterns and video tutorials for this blog, I do sometimes link to products. Please assume these links are affiliate links. If you choose to buy through my links then THANK YOU – it will make it possible for me to keep doing this.

Super simple Christmas hand embroidery patterns
By MiraeCreationsShop

Super simple Christmas hand embroidery patterns

A set of 12 Christmas Trees hand embroidery patterns, and a stitch guide is perfect for beginners or stitchers of all experience levels. I would use these simple patterns to decorate napkins for the festive table setup or to make gift tags. You will only need a little time to stitch these simple Christmas designs, and you can create a lot of cute gifts in no time.

Cozy Snowman & Cardinal Friend hand embroidery
By Magnus & Quill

Cozy Snowman & Cardinal Friend

This super cute and cozy hand embroidery design for a 6″ (15 cm) hoop features a red Cardinal bird and a Snowman with a hat and scarf. It is a step-by-step beginner embroidery PDF Pattern with a YouTube tutorial of the full pattern being stitched.

Merry Christmas embroidery design
By Doddle and Stich Co

“Merry Christmas” embroidery design

This classical Christmas embroidery design with lettering includes detailed instructions, stitch, and color guides. Earthy colors and cheerful botanical design will make this hoop art an excellent piece of home decor.

Vintage Christmas hand embroidery patterns
By oregonraindrops2

Vintage Christmas hand embroidery patterns

30 Pages of Christmas-related motifs, Including Kwanza & Hanukkah from 1970s, as a PDF digital download. 

It’s a real treasure trove for vintage lovers. Wreaths, stockings, Christmas trees, Santas, Snowmen, borders, baskets … all kinds of beautiful designs. There’s one page of Hanukkah and one page of Kwanzaa designs.

Nice addition: You’ll also receive instructions for a Crayon Tinting method, which gives embroidery work a fabulous vintage look and was used from the 1920s through the 1950s.

Christmas tree embroidery pattern
By  BustleandSew

Christmas tree hand embroidery pattern

This little tree isn’t too Christmassy to display all year round if you wish – but for an extra festive feel, you can choose to decorate the hoop with a colorful ribbon or add a bow to cover the tension screw of the hoop.

Pattern includes full-size templates, floss requirements, and stitching instructions. It is suited for 6″ (15,2 cm) embroidery hoop.

Christmas Stocking Hand Embroidery Design
By   Why Knot Stitches

Christmas stocking hand embroidery design

This hand embroidery pattern design is created for a 4″ (11 cm) hoop and can be easily resized within your printer settings.

This colorful Christmas hand embroidery pattern is designed for the intermediate level, featuring different winter elements and a few great textured stitches to learn and practice. Still, it is beginner-friendly, as it comes with links to video tutorials of the stitches included in the pattern.

Hand embroidered Christmas ornaments
By   Why Knot Stitches

Hand embroidered Christmas ornaments

These DIY Ornaments for Christmas in the shape of a heart are so beautiful that I want to embroider them all!

This “Sweet Party” embroidery design features a festive moment inspired by the holiday mood everyone is waiting for as Christmas day approaches.

All the Christmas sweets and elements depicted in this embroidery are traditional symbols of our Christmas parties when it comes to sweets and candies. With this pattern, you will embroider tiny elements like Christmas Lights, Snowflakes, a Candy Cane, a Gingerbread Man, a Christmas Cake, a Citrus Slice, and a Cup of Hot Cacao with Marshmallow.

winter embroidery pattern
By The Hoop in Hand

Christmas wreath

This winter embroidery pattern is the perfect DIY craft project to cozy up with. Featuring winter branches, pine cones, teasels, and a snowflake, it’s one you’ll be proud to display year-round.

This pattern is ideal if you’ve done some embroidery projects before and want to take your stitching to the next level. It’s also suitable if you’re a confident beginner looking for a challenge – although, to get the most out of this project, you might like to spend a little time practicing some of the stitches first.

Party Penguin Hoop
By Bustle and Sew

Funny Christmas hand embroidery pattern

Party Penguin Hoop is an easy Christmas hand embroidery pattern for 6″ (15,2 cm) hoop. Pattern includes full-size templates, floss requirements, and stitching instructions. This project is easy to stitch using just two colors of floss – and two stitches, back stitch and satin stitch.

nativity scene hand embroidery design
By Fileusedetoiles

Christian Christmas hand embroidery design

This nativity scene hand embroidery design is an elegant embroidery pattern with detailed instructions sized for a 6″ hoop (15,2 cm). The digital download file includes a stitch glossary with illustrated instructions, suggested DMC embroidery floss colors, and complete, illustrated embroidery instructions.

Christmas hand embroidery patterns for Mini hoops
By ionaroseart

Christmas hand embroidery patterns for Mini hoops

Six Christmas hand embroidery designs for mini hoops in one download!

A complete 14-page PDF step-by-step guide with pictures and diagrams teaches you how to make all six adorable mini festive designs, plus a stitch guide. 

The patterns are designed for 2.5 cm mini hoops but can easily be resized to fit the hoops you have on hand.

These lightweight mini hoops hang beautifully as tree decorations, earrings, necklaces, or decorations for general festive cheer.

Sweater Weather hand embroidery pattern
By FeroniaEmbroidery

Sweater Weather hand embroidery pattern

This cozy Christmas holiday sweater embroidery pattern is sized to fit a 5″ (13 cm) hoop and includes all three sweater pattern variations.

This pattern is perfect for the confident beginner, covering everything you need to recreate this pattern, including thorough instructions for each step and an illustrated stitch guide.

The digital download file comes with the pattern overview, which explains how to stitch the pattern in detail, including in-progress photos, detailed stitch instructions and illustrations, and a color guide.

Gingerbread cabin hand embroidery pattern
By Magnus & Quill

Gingerbread cabin hand embroidery pattern

This super cute Gingerbread Cabin pattern is created for 6″ (15,2 cm) hoops. It comes as a step-by-step beginner embroidery PDF pattern with a YouTube tutorial of the entire design being stitched.

The download file includes an introduction for beginners, a color guide, and step-by-step instructions, including color, strands, and stitch.

Cross stitch Christmas embroidery pattern
By Wombat Stitching

Cross stitch Christmas embroidery pattern

This Christmas Town cross stitch sampler is full of fun and festive details that I’m sure you will be happy to stitch. Christmas trees, snowmen, and children playing on the snowy streets of magical Winterland.

Redwork Christmas hand embroidery design
By Greystone Creations

Redwork Christmas hand embroidery designs

This Redwork Christmas Deco Collection features designs that are perfect for any project. These embroidery designs will look great on a tote bag or a pillow case, or stitch out several for a quilt or wall hanging.

This collection includes ten designs. Each design comes in three sizes: 4, 5, and 6 inches.

Before you go…

I know that choosing a Christmas hand embroidery pattern to stitch can be tricky. There are so many choices and so little time for stitching.

My tips for choosing the pattern to buy

  • Evaluate how much time you have on your hands before the season gets too busy to stitch. Choose the design accordingly. Larger designs with more details and more complex stitches take more time to stitch.
  • What embroidery materials do you have in your stash? Choose the pattern for the hoop size you already have. You can also substitute some of the colors in the design with the ones you already own. It saves you money and time.
  • Make a list of the features the pattern has to have. Do you need detailed instructions with a stitch and color guide? Would you like to watch a video tutorial of the pattern? Or will you just need the design, and you will choose the colors and the stitches by yourself? These features will significantly impact the price of the embroidery design.
  • Choose the embroidery style of your Christmas hand embroidery designs. Besides the modern surface embroidery patterns I included in this list, there is a wide choice of cross-stitch, redwork, goldwork, blackwork, or Hardanger hand embroidery patterns. Choose the tutorial with the most detailed instructions to try a new embroidery style. It will be much easier to learn a new craft.