Hand embroidery designs with books on Etsy

Hand embroidery designs with book: 15 fun and charming embroidery patterns for book lovers

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.

― Anna Quindlen

For many of us, finding time for our hobbies is a cherished part of our daily routine. But imagine the magic when two of these hobbies intertwine – the serene craft of hand embroidery and the immersive world of reading. This unique fusion offers a delightful escape, where every stitch is a step into a story, and every pattern echoes the pages of a beloved book.

Hand-embroidered Bookmark With a Romantic Quote

Embroidery designs with book – Bringing Books to Life

Whether you’re a fan of classic literature, contemporary novels, or whimsical children’s books, you will find a perfect design. These embroidery designs with book are more than just patterns; they are a tribute to the stories and characters that have captivated our hearts and minds, much like the books we cherish.

As you read on, you’ll discover a carefully curated list of 15 enchanting hand embroidery patterns with books. Each has been hand-selected for its charm, creativity, and bookish allure. These patterns, available on Etsy, are perfect for crafters who want to bring their favorite literary worlds to life with needle and thread. And, to make your crafting journey even more comfortable, I’ve included affiliate links for each pattern, allowing you to purchase them directly and start your next embroidery project inspired by your reading adventures.

So, grab your embroidery hoop and fabric, choose your favorite thread, and prepare to embark on a journey that weaves together the joys of hand embroidery and the love of books. Let’s stitch our way through stories, celebrating the magic books bring into our lives!

Picking embroidery supplies

Hand embroidery is a slow and laborious craft. You will spend a bunch of time stitching your chosen hand-embroidery design with books, so start off right. Selecting the proper tools and materials is one of the first steps to secure high-quality results.

Tips on choosing embroidery supplies

  • Choose natural fabrics. Linen and cotton fabrics and their blends are the best materials for embroidery. 
  • Opt for natural threads – cotton floss, pearl cotton, or wool yarns are the most suitable threads for hand embroidery.
  • Look for the best quality scissors. You do not need many, but you need good ones. Choose one pair of high-quality, sharp embroidery scissors. Take good care of them, and they will serve you a lifetime.
  • Pick a high-quality wooden embroidery hoop. It will keep the tension as you work and serve you for many years.
  • Get a fresh, sharp embroidery needle for your new project.
Embroidery tools and materials

Learn more about the tools and materials for hand embroidery

If you want to learn more about hand embroidery tools, materials, and supplies, here is a reading list for you:

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Embroidery designs with books on Etsy

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Incorporating Personal Touches

Hand embroidery patterns give us a great starting point for the project. They supply you with the design and directions on what stitches to use. But at the same time, there is a lot of space for personalization and interpretation.

You can add a personal touch by:

  • Resizing the pattern. You can easily resize the patterns by changing your printer settings.
  • Changing the colors. Most embroidery patterns will provide color codes, but you can always choose your favorite color palette.
  • Displaying the embroidery. Use one of the six methods to frame the finished embroidery in a hoop. Or stretch it on canvas and display it in your reading space.
  • Choosing the object to embroider. Instead of creating the hoop art – embroider your chosen design on a t-shirt, tote bag, pillow cover, bookmark, jacket, or any other textile piece you would like to embellish.
  • Adding the initials or a quote to the design.
Floral Embroidery on a book

Over to you

It is hard to find time for everything we love and our hobbies. Embroidering designs with books can combine the two best things in the world, especially if you embroider while listening to an audiobook.

I will surely be embroidering a reading tracker with 52 books to follow my reading progress this year. I hope the joy of adding a new thread book on a textile shelf will motivate me to read faster.

Which hand embroidery pattern with books touched your heart? Which one will you choose to embroider?