Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark

Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a heartfelt gift for a book lover

Looking for a perfect gift to make for a book lover in your life? Then, this tutorial is for you!

Hand embroidered corner bookmark with floral embroidery is a testament to the elegance and timelessness of needlework. This charming project bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality, offering a creative outlet for those who appreciate the art of embroidery.

Imagine tucking a beautifully stitched piece of art into your favorite novel, a constant companion during your literary journeys. In this detailed guide, I’ll show you how to create two variations of hand embroidered corner bookmarks. So you can gift one and keep the second one for yourself.

Two corner bookmarks with floral embroideries

Whether you’re a seasoned stitcher or a novice, this tutorial will guide you through each meticulous step, ensuring your bookmark is not just a tool but a miniature work of art that reflects your personal style and skill.

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Corner bookmarks with flowers

Hand Embroidered Corner Bookmark

Step-by-step hand embroidery tutorial

Tools and Materials


  • Embroidery hoop. Mine is 10 cm in diameter.
  • Friction pen for pattern transfer.
  • Scissors. Craft scissors and embroidery scissors.
  • Embroidery needle.


  • Embroidery pattern. Download it now.
  • Felt fabric, 15 x 15 cm (to make two bookmarks). I used white felt fabric, but you can choose any color.
  • Embroidery floss. I used DMC embroidery floss #581 Moss Green, #600 Very Dark Cranberry, #3354 Light Dusty Rose, #209 Dark Lavender, #3078 Very Light Golden Yellow, and #444 Dark Lemon. Choose your favorite colors to personalize the bookmark.
  • Water soluble stabilizer for pattern transfer. I used a self-adhesive stabilizer.
  • Piece of thin carboard paper. Any sturdy paper will do – I used a piece of foiled paper from the packaging.


  1. Download and print the pattern. Gather all the tools and materials you will need for the project.
Tools and materials to make bookmarks

2. Transfer the pattern to the water-soluble stabilizer. Use friction pen for pattern transfer. I traced the shape of two bookmarks and copied both patterns.

Transfer the pattern to water soluble stabilizer

3. Frame the fabric in a hoop, adjust the tension, and tighten the screw. Peal and stick the water soluble stabilizer with the pattern to the center of the fabric in a hoop.

Stick the pattern to the felt fabric

4. To embroider the Minimalistic flowers, start with the stems. Use two strands of green embroidery floss to embroider with the Backstitch. For the leaves – use a Detached Chain Stitch.

Flower stems embroidered with Backstitch and Detached Chain stitch

5. Use two strands of bright pink embroidery floss to embroider the flowers. First, make two Detached Chain Stitches on the sides and then make one central Chain Stitch.

Embroider small pink flowers

6. Floral bouquet pattern will require more work. Start with the leaves. Use two strands of green embroidery floss to embroider with Fishbone Stitch.

Fishbone stitch leaves

7. Add the branches. Use two strands of the same green embroidery floss and make Backstitches to connect the leaves and the stem.

The branches with backstitch

8. Embroider the daisies. Use two strands of light yellow embroider floss. Embroider Lazy Daisy Stitches in the circle to depict small flowers.

Small Daisies embroidered with light yellow thread

9. Pop a French Knot inside each daisy to make the centers of the flowers.

French knots in the centers of daisies

10. Embroider pink flowers. Use six strands of light pink embroidery floss. Use Woven Wheel Stitch for this part of the embroidery. Start with five spokes.

Five spokes to make woven wheel stitch

11. Then – add weaving stitches. Use a blunt cross-stitch needle or the back of your embroidery needle for weaving stitches.

Making a pink woven wheel flower

12. After the first woven flower is done, add one more flower.

using the back of the needle for woven wheel stitch

13. Finally, embroider the central woven flower. Use six strands of light purple embroidery floss. First, make five Straight Stitches to form the spokes. Then, weave the thread around the spokes to create the Woven Wheel flower.

Purple woven wheel stitch flower embroidery

14. Both floral patterns are done. Take the embroidery from the hoop and cut out the shapes of the bookmarks.

Cut out embroidered pieces

15. Soak the pieces in lukewarm water to remove the stabilizer. Rinse well. Dry and press the embroideries.

16. Cut out the square shapes of the cardboard paper.

Prepare paper cards for the bookmarks

17. Match the corner of the fabric with the paper card and clip them together. Use a sewing or paper clip to temporarily hold the pieces together.

Pin floral embroidery with a card

18. Sew the embroidered piece with the paper. Use the Blanket Stitch. It will form a nice and neat border and securely hold the paper card with the felt fabric. Use one of the embroidery colors to highlight the seam or opt for the neutral color.

Sewing the corner bookmark with blanket stitch

Video Tutorial

YouTube player

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Over to You

Hand embroidered corner bookmark with minimalist flowers placed on a book

Crafting a hand embroidered corner bookmark is an enriching experience that combines the beauty of embroidery with the joy of creating something both artistic and functional. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the detailed steps necessary to bring this charming project to life, from preparing the fabric and transferring the design, to the intricate process of stitching and finishing the bookmark. Each step plays a crucial role in ensuring your bookmark’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

Border of the corner bookmark inside the book

Remember, the joy of creating your hand embroidered corner bookmark is as essential as the final product. It’s an opportunity to hone your skills, express your creativity, and make a personalized item that can be cherished for years. Whether gifting it to a fellow book lover or keeping it for your collection, this bookmark is a testament to the timeless art of hand embroidery. So, take your time, enjoy the process, and revel in the satisfaction of crafting something truly unique by hand.

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